RISOFTDEV inc. Authentication technologies
Vincent L Gilbert MCSE MCSA MCP
In this paper we will provide a brief overview of the various technologies in the field of computer user authentication which have been developed at RISOFTDEV inc., and the types of commercial products that might be developed from those technologies.
Not to be thought of a just another password management system, our RTLBAT system is state of the art while adhering to those principles that were set down by Auguste Kerckhoff in his groundbreaking paper on cryptography. These principles include the following precepts, that any key must be "Replaceable" and "Transferable". Unlike any bio-metric system, if an RTLBAT token is compromised, it can be replaced. Integrating the system with our black key obfuscation technology means that we can offer a system which can deliver tokens to user’s enterprise wide, even over wan links without fear that they will be used by other than the intended recipient. Millions of dollars are wasted each year by companies whose IT departments and mission critical employees spend an inordinate amount of time recovering passwords. Our system, which may be integrated with Microsoft’s Active Directory© and other directory services, automates the process improving security while saving time and money.
Combining our patent pending AI technology with the proprietary technologies that make up our RTLBAT, management system, we have created what is literally a revolution in authentication technologies. Consider the remarkable ability that a human being has to determine who someone is, the brain processes millions of tiny details, not just one or two. Revolution ® mimics this behavior which means that literally, your connected device knows whether or not its you attempting to gain access in the same way that a close friend or relative would know that its you. And since those details are updated in real time, there are no "password hints" for you to forget and for a Black hat SEO hacker to data mine. It truly is a Revolution®

There is no other single threat facing computer networking today that even approaches the authentication problem. Quite simply, it is the foundation upon which usability of all other technologies rests. Whether it is identifying a user to a user, a resource to a user, or a user to a resource, it is absolutely critical that a system which works, is extensible, and will not be obsolete within a few years, be employed today. Considering the rate at which the use of networked devices is growing, it will be impossible to fix the problem within a few years. The technologies described here constitute that solution.