These are some of the technologies that RISOFTDEV inc. has developed in the AI field. We believe these technologies to reepresent significant advances in the field and welcome further inquiry. In addition we encourage you to browse this site further as there are numerous additional resources such as demonstrations, videos and Powerpoint presentations available.
R.I.C.H. (RICH) stands for Realm of Illusions Cybernetic Human. RICH is the designation for an underlying AI engine which can be used in literally in any way imaginable. Unlike other technologies, RICH is configurable, you only need to add the modules that form the base for the product you wish to create. Our patent pending technology is not language or syntax dependent. RICH can learn any language as easily as English, and dialects are no problem. When used as a personal assistant, unlike other architectures which might be thought of as comparable, RICH learns. The perfect interface for tying smart technologies from many manufacturers together in a voice enabled, speech recognition enabled central management AI. . RICH does not depend on "dictionaries" nor is RICH limited to pattern recognition. RICH learns to recognize objects, and then associates those objects with other objects using a patent pending ontology. Our patent pending architecture allows for practical roaming of the personality. Roaming means that the same personality that is on your smart device, will be there in your home automation system when you arrive, possessing all the information that it acquired on the drive home.
E.L.I. ( Educational Learning Intelligence) is a unique system that allows you to create an AI personality that knows you and fits you in a matter of minutes, rather than years. While much of the architecture is proprietary our patent pending technology will form the basis for the creation of AI's that integrate seamlessly with the humans that they must interact with. By entering some personal information along with the specific fields that the AI must function in, ELI can tailor not only the personality, but the knowledge base which is the AI's primary operational base. It is like sending a machine to a school for machines, where it is educated in a particular discipline or disciplines and where it learns to interact with human colleagues.
By the mid 1970's computing was dominated by mainframes running proprietary software. Companies had their own versions of word processing programs, spread sheet programs, etc...all written internally with no interoperability. Before computing was to evolve, it would be necessary to evolve the paradigm, and Microsoft and Apple accomplished that shift. Today the state of robotics is comparable to the state of computing in that it is dominated by proprietary software which has been developed for a specific robotic application. For the practical home robotics field to emerge, it will be similarly necessary to change the paradigm. To create a modular, configurable robotics platform that allows a company to build an intelligence for their application by simply choosing from existing modules and plugging them into an AI engine, then teaching that intelligence what it needs to know in order to accomplish that task. RISOFTDEV inc.'s technologies are that future.

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