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Core technologies
Our proprietary encryption algorithms offer unparalled flexibility and strength. Please contact us for details, export restrictions may apply.
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Black key
One of the critical aspects of any encryption schemes is the key. Our black key technologies (patent pending) allow for the safe transportation and storage of the encryption key providing a high degree of resistance to cracking. Unlike other black key systems, our black key system is software based and does not use a key encrypting key and is therefore suited to home and small business use.
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Our authentication systems are based on our (patent pending) keyfile technologies which greatly lessen the chance that an authentication token can be guessed or brute forced. When combined with our artificial intelligence technologies they form a true revolution in how your resources are protected.
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Our media encoding and delivery tecnologies (patent pending) combine speed with security offering never before seen abilities in watermarkg, titling, and encryption.
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Artificial intelligence
RICH (Realm of Illusions Cybernetic Human) the only artificial intelligence that allows you to taylor the system to your needs without the need for upgrading the core system...ever. ELI (Educated Learned Intelligence) The only system which allows you to teach your AI what it needs to know and give it a personality that suits you in a matter of minutes. Not years.
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